We Are Golden
Season 1, Episode 3
We Are Golden
First Aired TBA
Written By Olivia
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"Diamond in the Rough"
"Top of the Class"

We Are Golden is the third episode of Clash of the Academy's. It focuses on The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United singing songs about self-acceptance after two damaged students join both clubs.


The club's are slowly gaining members and this week they both get some interesting members. For The Bodacious Belles, bubbly wild child Holli Chesire comes on board, along with a guilt-ridden Phoebe, and Roger Paramore, a self-concious and timid freshman, joins, along with August, bitter over Adam's latest girlfriend and needing some solance. Finding these insecurities hindering, some members of the group convince Harper and Ollie to make it self-acceptance week in order to let them accept themselves.


Song Title Original Artist/Musical Performer(s)
Vienna Billy Joel Roger
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol Holli
Pretty Nicole Scherzinger Lucas
Dancing On My Own Robyn Phoebe
Mirrors Justin Timberlake August
Demons  Imagine Dragons Nikolai
Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers Emma and Julia
Beautiful Cause You Love Me Girls Aloud The Bodacious Belles
We Are Golden MIKA Troublemakers United
Self Esteem The Offspring Lucy, Antoine, Ian, and Kara
Beautiful Disaster Jon McLaughin Landon
Perfect/Just The Way You Are P!nk/Bruno Mars Roger, HolliAugust, and Phoebe
Beautiful With You Halestorm Elaine
Born This Way Lady Gaga The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United
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