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    Okay, maybe I should rephrase.... :P


    Sorry,I'm just a little confused.What is this we have here?*scans around the wiki* It seems to me that you're writing a new fanfiction and didn't tell me!


    Really? Really,Liva? That's just cold!

    And I have only one thing to say to you!


    Yeah,really.I'm not mad.I'm happy for you.I think you're fanfiction will be really good and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    But that's not why I messaged you entirely.You see my friend, I as well am writing a new fanfiction and I had came here to invite you to my wiki and read my first episode when I finish writing it.

    So that's it.And you if ever want to check out my wiki or give me any feed back or anything you're welcome to. So that's really all.

    Until we meet again<3

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    • Well then welcome to the party Nemo! You just made it, its starting to get very...weird. I guess :\

      Gangnam Cat

      Santana Dancing

      Hot Rod Dancing

      Yeah I wanted to keep a secret before I release the awesomeness of this fanfic to the world. Ah ha ha!

      Evil Laugh

      No matter, welcome! I dont have a welcome gif, so heres Benedict Cumberbatch saying "damn good shag."

      Benedict Is Damn Good

      What a great welcome gift!

      Oh thank you. I am super excited about your fanfic too. Its going to be so good! :D

      See you then...>)

      Ariana Glare
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    • Diannathankyou.gif

      I'm excited.I really need to get started on it, I'm just so lazy. :P I'll get started on it soon though. xD

      And thanks for welcoming me to the party for yours.I bet it'll be great.I'm excited for it just like I'm excited for mine.We'll both have awesome fanfictions!<3


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    • Your welcome!

      Diddo. I need to finish this one. I need too! Although it will be tough since I have 2 locations to deal with. Oh well, got to make it work.

      Again, your welcome. So exciting! Yours is going to be great! Love the names and portrayers. Its going to be faboulous I garuntee it :D

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    • I_love_you%21.gif

      You're so sweet.<3

      I'm even lazier than you because mine is in one location.But I'll get my lazy butt to work anyway.

      However,I'm sure you can get it done.You're a hardworker and I believe in you.

      Thank you,again.I hope so.I'm real excited.I love your character and potrayers too.Yours is going to be amazing! I promise<3

      Let's raise a glass to our fanfics! xD


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    • *Shrugs and celebrates 3 amazing fanfics*

      Santana Dancing
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    • Fangirling..gif

      Yay Hinton in on the party!!!! This is just amazing!!!

      Oh and Livia,I finally worked on my first episode.I got 5 scenes done.Which I feel isn't a lot,but it's a start! So cheers to me getting of my lazy tail fin and working! xD

      We all have three amazing fanfictions.Awesome.


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    • To Nemo:

      I Love You Too

      I didn't even finish chapter one of my first one. I'm miss procrastination! Although I have faith in you. I loved your first fanfic and I know this one is going to be just as great! :)

      Oh thank you. I hope so too. Once I stop  writing movie reviews (so sometime this week) I will begin!

      Your welcome and again, thank you. We both have Ariana "Perfection in all it is" Grande in it which is AWE-SOME!!!!!! I know for a fact that yours is going to be awesome too



      To Hinton:


      To Nemo (Again):

      Yay! I cannot wait! You hvae made me even more excited!! YAAAAAYYY!!

      Again, cheers to us and our 3 awesome fanfics!!

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    • I want those glasses now Olivia #dead *faints*

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    • Wouldn't we all? #drinkingawayyoursorrows

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    • Haha the difference being mine would have alcohol where as your's would not! #alcoholicnotsoanonymous :P

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    • -_- Damn you underage restrictions!!!!! #futurealcoholicsanonymousmember

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    • Haha you have to wait till you're 21 where as it's legal for me to drink at 18 years old #newzealandisglorious

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    • Actually I'm from Canada where the legal age is also 18. #3moreyearsbitches! 

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    • Well that's interesting #Idonthavetowaitanylonger

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    • Aw, lucky. I could use a shot right about now. #waytoomuchgoingonrightnow

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    • Oh really? What's going on hun?

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    • Well for starters, I have no one to talk to this summer since I live out of town and everyone else doesn't. My ex best friend is still acting like she is my friend, texting me every damn minute. My mom is making me feel worse and worse about myself and my body. I'm going back to my suicidal self from middle school. I am sick of being at my house. I dont have a boyfriend. Oh and you were right in that first chat we had at The Beloved Harmony wiki. I do kind of swing that way. #effmylife 

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    • Oh no... Well that sucks... That's kinda the same with my best friend... But she has a little motorised scooter, like a vespa... That bitch, she should just get a clue... Text her to shut the hell up. You are beautiful, no matter what she says. WORDDDSSS CAN'T BRING YOU DOWNNN!!!!!!!! Just go for a walk, with music. It'll help you calm down, get you out of the house, even if you don't get to see anyone, it'll still make you feel better. I don't have a boyfriend either anymore... Oh well... You're only 15 so, you may not feel that way. My friend thought she was bi, but has only ever been attracted to one girl. #everythingsgonnabeokay 

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    • First those glasses were huge.And both of y'all are lucky because I have to wait until I'm 21!XD And I know your fanfiction will be spectactular.And about my fanfiction,I just want to say I was emotionally black mailed into creating two new characters for mine.Now who would be so evil to emotionally black mail someone? Hinton,do you know? XD

      Anyways,aww sweetie.I'm sorry that all of this is happening to you.Just try and take a deep breath and relax.Also remember that I'm always here for you.<3

      I know what you mean about your mom making you hate your body.I've been there.But come on,Olivia.You're beautiful.And your mom should be mature enough to tell you that and you love you for who you are.But if she won't I will.Olivia you are beautiful and you have a sweet soul<3


      The whole boyfriend thing.Don't worry about that.I don't have one either.Don't let not having a boyfriend define your life.Be single and love it.Beyonce praises independent women and that's what you are! Cheers to being independent!


      Because we can still party and have fun. XD


      Well I have never been in your shoes with the whole being bi situation.But I think that you should just you know see where the riverbend takes you.Life changes everyday and nothing stays the same.Life is a roller coaster so hang on and just try to roll with the curves and loops.And remember I'll be here for you<3


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    • Thanks for the support guys. I'm really glad to have friends like u. I am just trying to get through tese next 3 years so that I can get to college and then become an actress (or therapist which ever one actually happens.) Luckily I love who I am more than I did in middle school and am perfectly fine with my looks and sexuality (I kind of knew I wasnt completely straight for a while so having some indiciation that I am bi is pretty statisfying.) Its thanks to friends like u guys that I am better than I was before and I really owe you guys a lot. Thanks :)

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    • No problem.It's good to have friends who care.And I'm happy that you feel better and have returned to your normal self. :)

      And it's good that you accept and love yourself for who are.Because it's hard to want others to accept who you are  when you don't even accept yourself.

      I believe that you'll get the next three years fine.Just take a deep breath and try to have an open mind about everything.And never ever give up.Sometimes instead of waiting for the clouds to pass you just have to dance in the rain.

      Sometimes you just gotta be like this:


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    • No problem honey, that's what friends are for. I'm happy that you feel better and you're who you are.

      It's wonderful to hear that you accept and love yourself. I was always taught "How do you expect others to love and accept you when you don't love and accept yourself" and that's why people love you cause you're so comfortable with yourself

      That sounds like a great plan always keep that in mind cause that will keep you going no matter what. :)

      And if you ever feel like this:


      #mylifeinagif... Anyway if you do feel like that remember

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    • Aw I love you guys so much!

      I LOVE You

      This calls for a group hug!

      Glee Group Hug

      Now, does anyone else have any problems they would like to share with the group? JK but still..... 8P

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    • We love you too!<3


      Yay group hug!


      Well I don't have any major problems.But I did humilate myself today in front of a hot guy at the gym.He smiled at me and I walked into the vending machine.So..........

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    • Love for everyone!!!

      Online group hugs are so much fun, aren't they? :D it bad that I laughed at that? :P Eh, dont worry we've all done stupid things in front of hot guys, like walk into doors or tripping on your own feet (this hasnt happened to me yet but with all the stupid stuff I've said in front of guys, it pretty much equals tripping and walking into things :P)

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    • Let's spread the love! I love doing that.Yep virtual hugs are simply the best<3


      No,it's not bad.I mean when I told my older sister you should have seen how she reacted.First she was like this.


      Then once she realized that I was serious she was like.


      She was like dying of laughter for like 5 whole minutes.And I'm just like stop laughing at my pain and humiliation! So then she was like


      But she still laughed.And I wanted to kill her.

      Anyways,yeah I know it's common for girls to do that but I mean it was the VENDING MACHINE.That thing is huge and it like knocked me down.I mean I didn't even look to see if he saw me.I just got up and ran straight to the bathroom.I haven't been in the gym in 2 days either.I don't if it's because of laziness or because I don't want to see him.

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    • Spread a little love tonday, spread a little love that you'll remember! Sorry couldnt resist :P

      LOL She sounds fun in a good way! Well that happens. I know someone who ran into an open locker door because she was staring at this guy for too long and it knocked her down. HARD. So walking into a vendingmachine isnt that bad. At least it makes sense as to why you got knocked down :P

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    • LOL.Only you. XD

      Fun? PUH-LEASE.She's the opposite of fun! Well sometimes.It all depends.People says we don't get along because we're too alike.If that's so then I must be......I don't even want to say it. XD

      Yeah.I guess :P When I saw him lifting weights.I was like.


      I had been waiting for him to see me and when he did I ran into the vending machine! He just had the perfect smile.

      I bet if he ever did talk to me.He'd be like.


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    • A FANDOM user
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