Secret, Secret
Season 1, Episode 19
Secret Secret
First Aired TBA
Written By Olivia
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Secret, Secret is the nineteenth episode of season 1 of Clash of the Academy's.


After Adam outs him to everyone, August becomes extremely depressed. With Harper and Ollie gone for the week and Isabelle in charge, she decides that, knowing what he is going through. decides that every member needs to reveal a secret about themselves, along with sing songs about their personal pains in order to help him feel accepted.


Circle ChatEdit

  • After their reluctance to tell secrets takes a bad turn on August, Isabelle forces each member of the group to sit down and talk about their darkest secrets to their close friends
    • Isabelle will talk about her pain growing up gay to help those reluctant to talk
    • Nolan-Jai will come out as bi-sexual, much to Rachelle's disgust
    • Alastair will admit that he is a cutter
    • Lucas will talk about his mother leaving him and Kara
    • Emma will make something up instead of coming out
    • Sabrina will break down and talk about her sexual assualts at the hands of her foster mother
    • Ally will admit to her bulimia
    • Elaine will talk about how she wants to know who her real mom is and how that has made her bitter
    • Adam will apoligise to August and admit to feeling misused by his parents
    • Holli will reveal that she is pregnant
    • Matthew will admit that he is angry because of the car accident that killed his mother and paralyzed his arm
    • Rachelle will leave after Nolan-Jai comes out
    • Both Julia and Goldie will talk about their self-esteem issue and what stemmed them (Julia because of being verbally abused by her father and Goldie because of her mother wanting her to always be perfect, no matter what)
    • Phoebe will apoligise to Emma and Ally for ditching them in the beginning and talk about her need to feel accepted
    • Brandy will talk about her bitchiness coming from her fear to come out to her parents, something she still hasn't done
    • Roger will admit to having been in a hospital twice for attempting suicide
    • Kendall will say that she has been called stupid and a slut so many times that she has come to believe that she is only that 


Song Title Original Artist/Musical Performer(s)
It Gets Better Todrick Hall Isabelle
16 @ War Karina Pasian Holli
Never Too Late Three Days Grace Ian and Kara
Suicide Is Painless Johnny Mandel Roger, Goldie, Emma, Matthew, and Alastair
Secrets OneRepublic Matthew
Yesterday The Beatles Roger
Hurt Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash Sabrina
Stand In The Rain Superchick Lucas
Freckles Natasha Bedingfield Julia and Nolan-Jai
Reflection Mulan Ally
Brave Sara Bareilles Phoebe
Same Love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert August
Skyscraper Demi Lovato The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United


Main CastEdit

Alexander Ludwig as Adam Little

Ezra Miller as Alastair Jones

Ariana Grande as Ally Sugar

Josh Hutcherson as Antoine Duval

Xavier Samuels as August Greene

David Henrie as Curt Hanson

Alexandra Daddario as Elaine Corporal 

Lucy Hale as Emma Newbury

Naturi Naughton as Goldie Robinson

Zooey Deschanel as Harper Keating

Abigail Breslin as Holli Chesire

Matthew Lewis as Ian Flores

Jena Malone as Julia Hawthorne

Vanessa Lengies as Kara Vincent

Sara Paxton as Kendall Hubbard

Joey Graceffa as Landon Schwartz

Brant Daughtry as Lucas Vincent

Allie Deberry as Lucy Schwartz

Lucas Grabeel as Lyndon Scott-Wilton

Zachary Gordon as Nikolai Lancaster

Zayn Malick as Nolan-Jai Woodfine

Ewan McGregor as Ollie Zedler

Nellie Veitenheimer as Phoebe Roayls

Perrie Edwards as Rachelle Duffy

Logan Lerman as Roger Paramore

Emily Osment as Sabrina Pratt

Recurring CastEdit

Yvonne Strahvski as Anna Peerson

David Oyelowo as Andre Malcolm

Michael Shannon as Benny Michealson

Stefanie Scott as Brandy Snelling

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cassandra Clarke

Ashley Benson as Denny Farrow

Cate Blanchett as Edith Womack

Penn Badgley as Harrison Pack

Taylor Momsen as Heather Monroe

Kaley Cuoco as Isabelle Logan

Sarah Silverman as Josie Terrio

Jason Dolley as Matthew Scriven

Ali Stroker as Robin Welling

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Theodore Pal

James McAvoy as Thom Dexter

Max Ehrich as Tyler Allen

Skyler Astin as Vick Hartman

Guest CastEdit

Curt Mega as Nick Duval

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