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UndercoverGleek1 aka Olivia

The first season of Clash of the Academy's is a fanfic based on the tv show Glee. The fanfic takes place in New York, New York and centers on rival glee clubs Troublemakers United and The Bodacious Belles as they battle to become National champions.


Main CastEdit

Alexander Ludwig as Adam Little

Ezra Miller as Alastair Jones

Ariana Grande as Ally Sugar

Josh Hutcherson as Antoine Duval

Xavier Samuels as August Greene

David Henrie as Curt Hanson

Alexandra Daddario as Elaine Corporal 

Lucy Hale as Emma Newbury

Naturi Naughton as Goldie Robinson

Zooey Deschanel as Harper Keating

Abigail Breslin as Holli Chesire

Matthew Lewis as Ian Flores

Jena Malone as Julia Hawthorne

Vanessa Lengies as Kara Vincent

Sara Paxton as Kendall Hubbard

Joey Graceffa as Landon Schwartz

Brant Daughtry as Lucas Vincent

Allie Deberry as Lucy Schwartz

Lucas Grabeel as Lyndon Scott-Wilton

Zachary Gordon as Nikolai Lancaster

Zayn Malick as Nolan-Jai Woodfine

Ewan McGregor as Ollie Zedler

Nellie Veitenheimer as Phoebe Roayls

Perrie Edwards as Rachelle Duffy

Logan Lerman as Roger Paramore

Emily Osment as Sabrina Pratt

Recurring CastEdit

Yvonne Strahvski as Anna Peerson

David Oyelowo as Andre Malcolm

Michael Shannon as Benny Michealson

Stefanie Scott as Brandy Snelling

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cassandra Clarke

Ashley Benson as Denny Farrow

Cate Blanchett as Edith Womack

Penn Badgley as Harrison Pack

Taylor Momsen as Heather Monroe

Kaley Cuoco as Isabelle Logan

Sarah Silverman as Josie Terrio

Jason Dolley as Matthew Scriven

Ali Stroker as Robin Welling

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Theodore Pal

James McAvoy as Thom Dexter

Max Ehrich as Tyler Allen

Skyler Astin as Vick Hartman

Guest CastEdit

Robin Wright as Anna Schwartz

Holland Roden as Amelia Boyd

Cassadee Pope as Angela Loki

Zendaya Coleman as Bella Dandridge

Emily Browning as Billie Sinclair

Shailene Woodley as Charlotte Fisher

Josh Hutcherson as Danny Tomlinson

Jake Gyllenhaal as Desmond DiAngelo

Dianna Agron as Dianna Agron

Becca Tobin as Jackie Flores

Hunter Hayes as Jason Trotsky

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Jaxon Frank

Andrew Garfield as Jeremiah Link

Kate McKinnon as Jillian Peterson

Lucy Liu as Lyla Mao-Than

Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchard

Benedict Cumberbatch as Nathanial Cannon

Curt Mega as Nick Duval

Bill Murray as Robert Cornwald

Peter Bergman as William Schwartz

  • Dianna Agron, TBA, and TBA will be playing themselves in the Nationals episode

Episode ListEdit

Episode Title/Airdate Overview Songs
Army of One
The start of a new year at Patel Academy for Girls and Reinheart Academy for Boys is here, with two new but familiar (at least to each other) faces joining the crew at each school. Ollie Zedler, Reinheart's new french teacher, and Harper Keating, Patel's new cheerleading coach, were once college sweethearts, until an ultimate betrayal lead to them becoming enemies. Now teachers at rival school, they both start up glee clubs in the hopes of bringing out the students artistic sides and to prove to the other that they had moved on. Beneath Your Beautiful, Welcome To My Life, My Immortal, Mr. Brightside, Hide and Seek, Perfect Two, Paris (Oh La La), 3 Little Birds, Blonde, Hiding My Heart, Defying Gravity, Bohemian Rhapsody & They Live in You
Diamond in the Rough
While 6 members have joined both groups. The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United need 6 more o get to Sectionals and they must drum up some more members. How do they do this? Through song of course! But will the school's more hurtful students go with it and join? Meanwhile, Dr. Pal and Principal Womack decide that, despite the school's long running rivalry, they must have the glee club's work together to succeed, forcing Ollie and Harper to work together for the first time since their break-up. If I Never See Your Face Again, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Anyway Way You Want It, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Teenagers, What About Us, Bring Him Home, Bubblegum Bitch, Lifeline, Now I'm That Bitch & Hey Jude
We Are Golden
The club's are slowly gaining members and this week they both get some interesting members. For The Bodacious Belles, bubbly wild child Holli Chesire comes on board, along with a guilt-ridden Phoebe, and Roger Paramore, a self-conscious and timid freshman, joins, along with August, bitter over Adam's latest girlfriend and needing some solace. Finding these insecurities hindering, some members of the group convince Harper and Ollie to make it self-acceptance week in order to let them accept themselves. Vienna, Chasing Cars, Pretty, Dancing On My Own, Mirrors, Demons, Scar Tissue, Beautiful Cause You Loved Me, We Are Golden, Self Esteem, Beautiful Disaster, Perfect/Just The Way You Are, Beautiful With You & Born This Way
Top of the Class
After finding out about his best friend, Adam decides to join Troublemakers United, while a vengeful Rachelle decides to join The Bodacious Belles in the hopes of taking down Ally's hopes of being captain. Adam, however, does give some good to the clubs when he gives Ollie the idea of doing songs that have hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. How You Remind Me, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Venus, London Bridge, I Was Here, The Sign, MMMBop, Whatever You Like, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Foolish, California Gurls/Tik Tok & I want You Back
Boy Meet Girl
Ollie and Harper decide to hold auditions for each school's production of Mamma Mia. However, do to the lack of the opposite gender in each school, they decide to make it a joint production, with the boys of TU and the girls of TBB being clueless to their directors true intentions when they announce the musical. So, what will happen when the rival groups meet? Luck Be a Lady, Already Gone, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, Lost, Don't Stop Me Now, The Other Side, Jar of Hearts, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, What I Did For Love, Bubbly, Why Don't You Do Right?, Alive, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Our Song & Under The Bridge
Mamma Mia!
The cast list has been posted, rehearsals have started, and opening night is drawing near. As members from each group grow closer, rivalries on both sides of the fence start to bloom. But will they make it to opening night after the jealous ones that didn't make it into the musical try to sabotage it? Honey, Honey, Money, Money, Money, Our Last Summer, Does Your Mother Know?, Take A Chance On Me, Dancing Queen, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), SOS, The Winner Takes It All, I Have A Dream, Super Trooper, Slipping Through My Fingers & Mamma Mia!
Different Planets
With sectionals in a few short weeks, the groups decide to help each other out with a mash-up contest. The group are split into 4 separate teams and must create 2 mash-ups: one composed of current hits and one from songs of the past. Who will come out victorious in this winner takes all contest? Here's To Never Growing Up/Call Me Maybe, Clarity/I Love It, Walks Like Rihanna/Love Somebody, Young Girls/Young Volcanoes, Like A Virgin/Holiday, Maniac/Flashdance... What A Feeling, How Will I Know/...Baby One More Time & You Spin Me Right Round/Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Demonic Diva
With Sectionals next week, Ollie and Harper decide that, with their setlists already set, that the club's need to set their captains. Ally, Alastair, Rachelle, and Lucas immediately sign up, with Elaine reluctantly joining (since Harper believes she has potential after Mamma Mia, if she would actually care) and Rachelle pulls in Nolan-Jai in exchange for him being her boyfriend. Who will become The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United captains? Go Your Own Way, The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage, Between The Cheats, Little Lion Man, Wild World, Listen, Bound To You, I Will Follow You Into The Dark & Beam Me Up
Helping Hand
It's sectionals time and with The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United going up against different clubs, they must compete without the others support. Both confident on winning, it comes as a shock when the teams they are against are better than they expected. Along with a few members hesitance to go on without seeing the others, can the two teams survive Sectionals? Make 'Em Laugh, Pocketful Of Sunshine, Paper Planes, Lose Yourself, Holding Out For A Hero, Lego House, Strange, Home Sweet Home, 4Ever, All That Jazz, More To This & Kings & Queens
One Missed Call
Having won their respective Sectional competitions, The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United, along with Ollie and Harper, are certain that they will win. However, those thoughts are dashed when they meet Midnight Magic, one of their competitors at Regionals, directed by ditzy but brilliant Lyla Mao-Than and headed by mean girl Brandy Snelling and anger-ridden Matthew Scriven. While it does dampen their spirits, it makes them want to do better and beat them. Helena Beat, Shark In The Water, We're Not Gonna Take It, Daydreamer, Acapella, I Wanna Kiss You All Over, Red, Lorena Bobbitt, You've Got A Friend In Me & Tongue Tied
He Said, She Said
Rachelle, wanting to flaunt her win to everyone in the club, especially Ally, decides to throw a massive party, inviting all of the members and their closest friends. Alcohol and drugs get involved, leading to sex, fights, and the cops getting called. Can Troublemakers United and The Bodacious Belles comeback after this? Meanwhile, Harper decides to take her next step towards getting over Ollie and accepts Thom's offer. Let's Have A Kiki, Fight For Your Right, Die Young, Dance Again, We Can't Stop, Take Me Out, Shots, Hips Don't Lie, Hotel Room Service/Your Body, Blame It On The Alcohol, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), Drunk/Sober & Come On Eileen
With the disaster that was Rachelle's party over and done with, Ally and Kara decide to team up and convince Ollie and Harper to make this week's assignment all about the queen of angry break-ups, P!nk. Her music ends up giving some much needed courage to some of the students, with varying levels of success. U + Ur Hand, Trouble, Heartbreak Down/Slut Like You, Don't Let Me Get Me, So What, Just Give Me A Reason, Stupid Girls, Funhouse, Are We All We Are? & Dear Mr. President
Sex It Up
With Harper and Ollie declaring it sex week, the club get in touch with their naughty side when it comes to their selections. However, some take it too far and decide to act on their hormones, from acting on their feelings for their best friends to losing their virginities to hooking up with their current significant other. The question is, what consequences will be thrown their way when the dust settles? C'mon Let Me Ride, The Bitch Of Living, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Smooth, Birthday Cake/Woo Hoo, 3, Dirty Love, Bad Touch, Touch Me, Dress You Up, Lollipop & You Shook Me All Night Long
Light Up The Sky
After another confrontation with her mom, Lucy reveals to the club that she is currently homeless and that she may not be returning to Patel next year due to her father cutting her off, claiming that she "no longer has a light in her life." Wanting to help her out, Harper decides to make the assignment all about songs with the word "Light" in it to show to Lucy that there is not one, but two lights in her life: music and her friends. All Of The Lights, No Light, No Light, Laserlight, Ray of Light, Neon Lights, Light My Fire, Yellow Light, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up), Starlight, Light On, Lights & Hit The Lights
Valentines Day is right around the corner, and despite Regionals being in a week, Harper and Ollie decide to let the kids relax and sing about love. New romances will blossom, while others will die. Which couples will come to fruition? Made In The U.S.A, One, Do You Love Me?, Can't Buy Me Love, Gentleman, As Long As You Love Me, Weightless, As Long As You're Mine, True Love, Without Love, Wanted, As Long As You Love Me/I Knew You Were Trouble, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted & Still Into You
Loose Cannon
Regionals is here, and with The Bodacious Belles up against Midnight Magic and some stiff competition for Troublemakers United, it will take a miracle for them both to win and advance to Nationals. Bittersweet Symphony, One More Night, Diane Young, TBA/TBA, TBA, New Perspective, TBA, TBA, TBA & You Can't Stop The Beat
With regionals over and done with and both Brandy and Matthew having joined the respective clubs, both The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United decide to hold a duet contest, with the pairs being composed of one boy and one girl from each team. But when personalities clash and, in some cases, feelings are discovered, can each pair make it to their performance without tearing each other apart? Meanwhile, Ollie decides to live up to his mistakes and attempts to rekindle his romance with Harper, to some prevail. Anything You Can Do, Waiting For a Girl Like You, She's So High, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Bring Me To Life, Game of Love, The Cave, Popular Song, Oh No!, #Beautiful, I Won't Say I'm In Love, Teenage Dream, Treasure & Closing Time
Disney Bound
TBA When You Wish Upon a Star, Topsy Turvy, Almost There, Friend Like Me, I Wanna Be Like You, Cruella De Vil, I'll Make A Man Out Of You, When Will My Life Begin?, You'll Be In My Heart, Honour To Us All, Someday My Prince Will Come, Kiss The Girl & Circle of Life
Secret, Secret
After Adam outs him to everyone, August becomes extremely depressed. With Harper and Ollie gone for the week and Isabelle in charge, she decides that, knowing what he is going through. decides that every member needs to reveal a secret about themselves, along with sing songs about their personal pains in order to help him feel accepted. It Gets Better, 16 @ War, Never Too Late, Suicide Is Painless, Secrets, Yesterday, Hurt, Stand In The Rain, Freckles, Reflection, Brave, Same Love & Skyscraper
Movie Night
After the tense atmosphere from last week disappears, Ollie and Harper decide that in order to make lift the groups spirits, they make the weeks theme all about two of the greatest forms of escapism: music and movies. Meanwhile, tensions build as Emma, hellbent on breaking up Brucy, goes to extreme measures, with the help of an old friend. Rainbow Connection, Playground Love, Jai-Ho, Tiny Dancer, Lust For Life, (Eclipse) All Yours, When Can I See You Again?, Hello, Hello, Call Me, Safe and Sound, Ever Ever After, The Beautiful People, When She Loved Me & Take My Breath Away
Greater Than Gatsby
After the hype over last week's songs from movie's assignment, Harper and Ollie decide to bring the club's back together for a week dedicated to one of the biggest movie soundtracks of the year, The Great Gatsby. Bang Bang, Hearts A Mess, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got), Back to Black, Love Is Blindness, Young and Beautiful, Crazy In Love, Kill and Run & Love Is The Drug
Kick Ass
TBA Lesson Number One, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA & TBA
Going The Distance
The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United have landed in California to compete at Nationals. With some stiff competition and both motivated to win, what happens when, for the first time, the groups must compete against...each other?! On Top of the World, Hello, My Name Is, Proud, Bad Girls/Good Girl, Umbrella, Who`s Laughing Now?, TBA, Warrior, Breakaway/Fly, TBA, TBA, TBA, Hollywood, Made In America, Changes, TBA, TBA & With A Little Help From My Friends
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