Season 17, Episode 1
First Aired TBA
Written By Olivia
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Say is the seventeenth episode and the first episode of the third part season 1 of Clash of the Academy's. The episode centers around The Bodacious Belles and Troublemaker's United holding a duet contest and Harper and Ollie rekindling their romance.


With regionals over and done with and both Brandy and Matthew having joined the respective clubs, both The Bodacious Belles and Troublemakers United decide to hold a duet contest, with the pairs being composed of one boy and one girl from each team. But when personalities clash and, in some cases, feelings are discovered, can each pair make it to their performance without tearing each other apart? Meaniwhile, Ollie decides to live up to his mistakes and attempts to rekindle his romance with Harper, to some prevail.


Harper and OllieEdit

  • Ollie and Anna will break up in this episode, but possibly not for good
  • Harper and Ollie will hook up in this episode

August, Adam, Elaine, Julia, Phoebe, and RogerEdit

  • Elaine and August will become jealous due to Julia and Adam being partners and Adam hitting on her
  • They will sing Thnks Fr Th Mmrs to them
  • Adam and August's friendship will end (for the meantime) in this episode
  • Julaine (Julia/Elaine) will begin in this episode
  • Sabrina, also jealous over Adam's flirting, kisses Roger after their performance as revenge, hurting Phoebe 

Ally and AlastiarEdit

  • Ally will be furious over Alastair picking her as his partner do to her believing that it will expose their relaionship to everyone
  • Emma, Phoebe, Sabrina, and Kendall will find out about their relaionship and attempt to push her to telling everyone

Curt and HolliEdit

  • Holli becomes convinced that she is pregnant

Emma, Brandy, and LucyEdit

  • After finding out about Lucy and Brandy, Emma will turn to the evilest people she knows, Sabrina and Elaine, to help break them up

Rachelle and Nolan-JaiEdit

  • Nolan-Jai will become suspicious of Rachelle only using him to prove a point to Ally 


Song Title Original Artist/Musical Performer(s)
Anything You Can Do Annie Get Your Gun Phoebe and Lyndon
Waiting For a Girl Like You Foreigner Julia and Adam
She's So High Tal Bachman Goldie and Ian
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Fall Out Boy August and Elaine
Bring Me To Life Evanescence Lucas and Holli
Game of Love Santana feat. Michelle Branch Rachelle and Nolan-Jai
The Cave Mumford and Sons Emma and Antoine
Popular Song Mika feat. Ariana Grande Sabrina and Roger
Oh No! Marina and the Diamonds Nikolai and Brandy


Mariah Carey feat. Miguel Matthew and Kara
I Won't Say I'm In Love Hercules Ally and Alastair
Teenage Dream Katy Perry Landon and Kendall
Treasure Bruno Mars Lucy and Curt
Closing Time Semisonic Harper and Ollie


Main CastEdit

Alexander Ludwig as Adam Little

Ezra Miller as Alastair Jones

Ariana Grande as Ally Sugar

Josh Hutcherson as Antoine Duval

Xavier Samuels as August Greene

David Henrie as Curt Hanson

Alexandra Daddario as Elaine Corporal 

Lucy Hale as Emma Newbury

Naturi Naughton as Goldie Robinson

Zooey Deschanel as Harper Keating

Abigail Breslin as Holli Chesire

Matthew Lewis as Ian Flores

Jena Malone as Julia Hawthorne

Vanessa Lengies as Kara Vincent

Sara Paxton as Kendall Hubbard

Joey Graceffa as Landon Schwartz

Brant Daughtry as Lucas Vincent

Allie Deberry as Lucy Schwartz

Lucas Grabeel as Lyndon Scott-Wilton

Zachary Gordon as Nikolai Lancaster

Zayn Malick as Nolan-Jai Woodfine

Ewan McGregor as Ollie Zedler

Nellie Veitenheimer as Phoebe Roayls

Perrie Edwards as Rachelle Duffy

Logan Lerman as Roger Paramore

Emily Osment as Sabrina Pratt

Recurring CastEdit

Yvonne Strahvski as Anna Peerson

David Oyelowo as Andre Malcolm

Michael Shannon as Benny Michealson

Stefanie Scott as Brandy Snelling

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cassandra Clarke

Ashley Benson as Denny Farrow

Cate Blanchett as Edith Womack

Penn Badgley as Harrison Pack

Taylor Momsen as Heather Monroe

Kaley Cuoco as Isabelle Logan

Sarah Silverman as Josie Terrio

Jason Dolley as Matthew Scriven

Ali Stroker as Robin Welling

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Theodore Pal

James McAvoy as Thom Dexter

Max Ehrich as Tyler Allen

Skyler Astin as Vick Hartman

Guest CastEdit

Curt Mega as Nick Duval

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