Amelia Boyd
Amelia Boyd
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: March 5th 1998
Height: 5'3
Sexuality: Straight
Address: Storybrooke, Maine
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Amelia Laura Boyd (Full Name)

Anastacia Tremaine (Storybrooke Identity)

Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Audrey Boyd (Sister)

Ashley Boyd (Step-Sister)

Friends: Danny Tomlinson
Other Information
Education: Storybrooke High School
Series Information
First appearance: Going The Distance
Portrayer: Holland Roden

Amelia Boyd is a guest character in Clash of the Academy's. She is a student at Storybrooke High School and the co-captain of the school's glee club, The Flawless Fantasies.

Amelia is portrayed by Teen Wolf star Holland Roden and was created by DisneySparkles. 


Amelia is very easily exictable, in all senses of the term. She's quick to jump up and down in happiness and she's quick to fly off the handle. She's a bit snarky, but it's something that she's desperatly trying to fix. She's very vain and because of this it may seem like she's insulting people who aren't as pretty as she is (although, this isn't the case. She just likes to talk about how pretty she is.)  She's selfish, and has a hard time sharing anything (clothes, boys, solos...). She's also very naive and is easily led, even though deep down, she wants to be the leader. She can be very silly and girly.


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